I have finally managed to get around to sorting out a whole load of new releases for Dorset Soldiers. They have been added to the downloadable lists and will be added to the website as soon as I get a chance.

The releases are:

A151 Crescent Nurse kneeling
A152 WW2 nurse kneeling (based on A151)
A153 Standing Guardsman in tunic NA
A154 Standing Guardsman in Greatcoat NA
A155a Stretcher Bearer, B (see H242 for stretcher)
A155b Wounded Man, helmet, hands behind head, B
A155c Standing Nurse, Long Dress, B
A155d Standing Nurse, short Dress WW1, B
A155e Medical Officer standing B
A155f Wounded man B
C162 Running Zouave B
E60 Indian Damosh (Madagascar) NA
F195 Canoe
F196 Indian paddler
F197 Mountie Paddler
F198 German Colonial Trooper marching, slope arms
H283 T&B Pump and base
H284 Lone Star Crew x 3
K408 Arab Horse Legs
K409 Camel Legs
L240 Goldilocks and the Three Bears
L241 Arab Boy
L242 Kneeling Boy Scout with pole
L243 Window Cleaner
L244 Window Cleaner Cart (see H231 and H200 for ladder and bucket)
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