About Us

Imperial Miniatures Ltd is owned and run by the Spencer family (Antony, Anita and Laura) who bought the company from Mike Lewis in October 2021. Antony has been wargaming for over 40 years and has been running Westwind Production/Forged in Battle’s trade stand at shows in the UK and Europe for last 5 years. Anita and Laura, in a moment of madness, thought that owning a miniatures company would be a good idea for a family business. Laura has also worked on the Westwind Productions/Forged in Battle trade stand and when she plays wargames has a talent for rolling 6’s. Anita will be managing the orders and keeping an eye on Antony!

A large number of our figures come from the “All the Queen’s Men” (AQM) ranges which were produced by Derek Cross until he retired in 2007 and was partially acquired by Mike in April 2015 before he acquired all the ranges, moulds and masters in September 2018.

Dorset Model Soldiers was acquired by Mike from Andy Gibbs in December 2019, who had originally bought it along with his partner Peter James from Giles Brown. Giles started Dorset in 1976 and had run it for 40 years, building up a reputation for quality and service.

Imperial Miniatures produces 54mm and 75mm Toy Soldiers which are sold as castings, painted boxed sets or in vignettes. They are intended for the adult collector/wargamer. As the castings may contain a small amount of lead and have sharp points they are not intended for children.

The Price List page lists all the sets we own and have moulds and masters for.  The online shop does not contain all of the AQM range and we will be updating the shop with a full list of the figures/sets available adding photographs as soon as possible.

Please note that we do not have access to all of the AQM paint masters so the figures may not match the original AQM production runs. If you do want to match an existing figure then providing us with a photograph or a figure to match to is the best solution.

As well as AQM figures, we also produce our own sets which are intended to complement the AQM figures and cover other subjects. These are labelled with codes starting IM, codes starting with TB are from the original AQM ranges.

The Little Wars Revisited 19th Century range was originally produced by Black Hat Miniatures and is now sold through Imperial Miniatures.

Dorset Models Soldiers moulds are not designed for large quantities of production – this means that it will take longer to produce an order for 20 of one item than two each of ten items.

Imperial Miniatures will also be re-launching a range of 75mm and 54mm figures from East Point Miniatures which were produced in the 1990’s and was acquired by Mike in 2018.

Please allow three weeks for castings and six weeks for painted sets.

All of our ranges are manufactured and painted by us in our workshop in Bollington.