50% off Sale on Painted Sets in Stock

When we took over Imperial Miniatures we ‘inherited’ quite a number of already painted sets of figures. Over the Christmas break we decided that we would rather that these painted sets be in the hands of collectors rather than sat on our shelves in the workshop.

Starting tomorrow, 11 January 2022, the price of ‘Painted Sets in Stock’ will be reduced by 50%. Laura is photographing more of the sets we have. They will be posted on the website over the coming days/weeks.

December Orders

Please note that any orders placed with us from 3rd December 2021 will not be processed until 10th January 2022.

This is because in December Antony (the ‘Chief Casting Officer’) is going to be very busy as he is leaving his current full-time job to focus fully on Imperial Miniatures in the New Year. Most of the month will be taken up with handover activities, clearing out desks, leaving do’s, and a break in Northumberland that was arranged before taking over Imperial Miniatures.

Orders for castings placed before 3rd December 2021 are currently being worked on.

We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement and we are looking forward to supporting you in the New Year.

Casting has commenced!

The last week has seen a lot of progress in organising the workshop. We were able to start looking at orders and get ready to fire up the casting machines. All of the current orders that customers have placed are on the packing bench. We have picked what we can from stock but almost every order needs something casting.

That is the great news. We turned on the casting machine and melting pots yesterday and have begun to spin the moulds and pour metal. We are getting used to how the equipment it ‘feels’ but figures, arms etc are being cast. It appears at the moment that I am good at casting arms, the rear quarters of a horse and figures that customers have not ordered. Casting continues and we are looking forward to sending out customer’s orders very soon. Thanks to everyone for their messages and support.

Imperial Miniatures – Update on the move to Cheshire

Hi everyone, I just wanted to give an update on where we are with moving the operation from Woking to Bollington. If you have been following us on Facebook then you will know that all of the equipment, moulds, stock (both white metal and painted) and a whole lot of other material has now been moved to our new workshop (Mike now has a lot room for his wargames table!).

We have begun the process of organising moulds and putting them on to shelves, 700 down and a lot more to go!

This week will see us complete the organising of the moulds and then begin to organise the stock, once the new shelving has arrived. Casting cannot start as yet, as the machines are buried under boxes and bags of foam.

Hopefully, we will have them unburied and begin to look at fulfilling orders by the beginning of next week. Thanks to those of you who have already placed orders through the website.

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