This is the price list listing all of the sets that are available from the All the Queen’s Men ranges and our own additions to those ranges.

As I work through the moulds and masters and the sets are made up and photographed they will be added to the shop so that they can be ordered directly online.

If you are interested in anything on these price lists that is not available online then please inquire and I can let you know if the set is available yet or I can make sure I look at that set next and make it up for you.

As the lists are so long, they have been broken into a number of pages and I will be adding to these ranges as I get things organised and priced.  Eventually you will be able to download the whole list as a PDF document and it will be available as a printed booklet.


American Civil War



British in India




Cavalry Combat – Waterloo

French Napoleonic

more to come…